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Student Videos

Welcome students. This is a hidden page on the website just for us. The only people who can access it are people I have given the URL to. 

Our third dance. 
This video commences after the intro (the figure 8's walking).


Beginners don't worry, we will have another sequence of moves for you for this tune, and then we'll all come together for 'octopussy' as well as the middle part (not shown in this video).  

This tune is called Avanti from the album Mille by
Corvus Corax


  click here for the full tune -

Our second dance. Circle dance - 

   Simple circle dance

The first dance we will learn will be a very simple and repetitive circle dance 

The tune we will be dancing to is called Skudrinka from the album Congratio by
Corvus Corax


 click here for full tune -

For some inspiration on our first circle dance have a look at these videos below.

Notice lots of grapevines, hop steps, touching flat hands while moving in a circle, lots of simple stepping and turning. These are all traditional Medieval moves, but ours will be way more interesting because we are going to also include belly dance moves.

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